SMA KV1600A Electric Motor

Our unique SMA KV1600A electric motor is a highly rated model within our specialised range of 500KW electric motors - with a rated current of 132A, frequency 50HZ, efficiency 93.2%, power factor 0.78, rotor opening circuit voltage 845V, rotor current 370A, max/rated torque 2.3, speed 580r/m, protection class IP23, insulation class F, mounting IMB3, duty S1, cooling way IC01 (cooling by itself). 

All of our specialised electric motor accessories share the following characteristics:

  • Complete product range from 50 kV up to and including 400 kV.
  • A specialised pre-moulded body with integrated electrical insulation, copper and field control.
  • Electrical routine test of each pre-moulded body.
  • The design is flexible and can easily be tailored to specific customer requirements where possible.
  • All products are qualified according to the worlds severest standards.
  • Application: Strictly High Voltage
  • Rated Voltage: 33KV
  • Tensile Strength: 10kN
  • Domestic and Overseas markets: Factory Direct Price
  • Surface: Smooth and Uniform
  • We have been supplying a whole set of these products over the past 15 years (mainly servicing high voltage utility transformers on behalf of leading South African energy companies)